Client Testimonials

“Overall we do a much better job of obtaining and interpreting the data for our patients. The whole high tech appearance helps our image and the doctors that refer us patients like how the reports are more comprehensive. The balanceback™ is easier and faster from the examiner standpoint. As we got busier, I found our clinicians preferred using the balanceback™ over other equipment we had in the office, so we purchased a second system.”
Newport Beach, CA

“The balanceback™ has really helped us become the experts in dizziness and balance in our area. Since we have had the balanceback™, our referrals have really grown. Many of our patients who have gone through these tests before tell us this test was much easier. The software is easy to use and train someone on, because of the prompts. The eye tracking is terrific.”
Buffalo, NY

“The balanceback™ is very efficient in our practice, because of the speed at which we can get the test done. This improves the quality time we can spend with our patients. The balanceback™ is our go to piece of equipment in our office.”
Dayton, OH

“My patients are very comfortable with the balanceback™, and we can get through the test very quickly. I like being able to put on the goggles, push a button, and the eye tracking is done. I also like being able to look at the report and know exactly what was abnormal.”
Buffalo, NY