The Problem

  • Altered biomechanical dynamics associated with lower extremity injuries or pathology can certainly create additional lesions or symptoms into the sacroiliac joints,facet syndromes and possibly exacerbate recurrent chronic pathology such as osteoarthritis,degeneration disc disease, peripheral neuropathy and other associated maladies.
  • As the patient becomes unstable in their ambulation, their propensity to fall increases.
  • The Solution

  • Quantify the Patient’s Balance and Proprioception: The intuitive therapy platform is state of the art equipment that allows practitioners to quantify the patient’s balance and proprioception, giving it a number allowing the practitioner the ability to monitor the patient’s clinical progress.
  • Monitor Patient’s Care; Maximize Improvement: This number can be used to monitor the patient’s need for continued care and help the practitioner determine when the patient has reached maximum medical improvement.
  • Objective Evidence Allows For Cost Effective High Quality Care: The balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform allows practitioners the opportunity to deliver the highest quality of care in the most cost effective manner by giving the practitioner objective evidence to either continue the patients current therapy or determine maximum medical improvement.
  • Additional Solutions for Your Patients: The balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform also enables the practitioner the opportunity to enter additional medical markets such as fall reduction, concussion management and additional musculoskeletal injuries.In addition to balance rehabilitation, the equipment is a great tool for knee, ankle, hip and lumbar spinal issues.
  • Patient Benefits:

  • Improve Balance and Agility: balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform is an effective tool for improving balance and agility for patients that have balance deficiencies brought on by age, trauma or disease.
  • Individually adjustable handrails catering to the user’s physical ability and height.
  • Exercise band attachment points, to enhance training.
  • Interactive 3-D games for cognitive benefit with Variable Speed Reaction Training.
  • Variable Stability platform has 3600 horizontal and 200 vertical range of movement.
  • Aegis™ antimicrobial electrostatic treatment applied.
  • Virtually unlimited storage space for patient data and reports.
  • Static and dynamic test for Baseline Assessment and Training.

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Ataxia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Neuronitis
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • How Does it Work?

    The fundamental principal lies in the neurosensory systems ability to regenerate neuropathways (neuroplasticity) by stimulating the balance mechanism and the balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform is the perfect way to provide this stimulation.

    This is accomplished by requiring the various parts of the balance mechanism to function together in a coordinated fashion. The balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform provides this stimulation by requiring the vestibular, visual and somatosensory (proprioception) systems to work together to perform balance exercises. These three systems send input to the central nervous system processes where the information is processed and sends the appropriate signals to the muscle control nervous system.

    These electro chemical signals follow neuro pathways in the brain. The newest studies have shown that by repetition of these signals, the neuro pathways can increase in number, size and speed.

    The balanceback™ intuitive therapy platformhas many different modalities for the patient to utliize, but the important factor to achieve improvement is TIME on the balanceback™ intuitive therapy system.

    The balanceback™ intuitive therapy platform is ideal for physical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation sports medicine and senior fall reduction programs:

  • Essential component to any rehabilitation program
  • Stimulation of the neurosensory system to improve balance, stability, coordination and post posture
  • Improvement of agility, reaction time and motor control
  • Rehabilitation of the neurosensory and muscle control disorders
  • balanceback™ intuitive Therapy Platform Solution:

  • Uses the body’s balance mechanism to send stimuli through the central nervous system (CNS) to the skeletal muscles
  • Real time biofeedback for the peripheral systems
  • Re-mapping and retraining of neuropathways
  • Returns vestibular functionality for mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI)s
  • Improving the body’s ability to respond to an unstable environment
  • Increasing confidence for seniors to react and recover from impending falls
  • Improving agility, reaction time & motor control
  • Neurosensory training that is challenging, interactive, and fun
  • Ability to customize software to meet the individual needs of each patient